The Story of Up Hill Reach

Welcome to Hill's Artistic Odyssey: Painting Dreams, Creating Change  &  The Birth of Up Hill Reach

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The Journey:

Greetings, Art enthusiasts and kindred spirits! I am Hill, a storyteller with a brush, weaving tales of color and compassion. Join me as I recount the chapters of my artistic journey—a journey that began with a need to overcome, transformed through exploration, and now paints a canvas of global impact.

In 2012, necessity became the mother of invention as I ventured into monetizing my art to support my family's quest for education. Little did I know, this was the genesis of a beautiful narrative that would unfold over the years.

Studying economics was my initial path, but the call of the canvas proved irresistible. The transition from numbers to art marked a significant shift, unleashing a passion that fueled both my creativity and desire for positive change.


Cuban Art Tour: A Turning Point:

My first Art Tour through the vibrant streets of Cuba was a turning point. Bartering my way through the country, I not only created partnerships but delved into philanthropy. The exchange of essentials for room and board left an indelible mark, inspiring me to contribute more to the communities I encountered.

Since that pivotal tour, my art has journeyed across continents, gracing the walls of cities like Atlanta, New York, L.A, Tennessee, Greece, and Jamaica. With every showcase, a commitment to giving back emerged. In each city and country, I made it a point to donate to schools and women's shelters, leaving behind a piece of my art and a piece of hope.


UpHill Reach: A Beacon of Change:

This year, the culmination of these efforts gave birth to UpHill Reach, a non-profit dedicated to making a tangible impact on under-served communities worldwide. Our mission is simple: to provide toiletry and school supplies to those who need it most.


  Support the Cause:

Your support is the heartbeat of UpHill Reach. When you shop our collection, 20% of the proceeds go towards our non-profit initiatives. Every donation made on our website goes directly to supplying underprivileged communities with the essentials they deserve.


Join Us in Painting a Brighter Future

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As we continue our journey, the goal remains clear: to give more, create more, and uplift more lives. With your support, we can turn every stroke of the brush into a beacon of hope. Thank you for being a part of this artistic adventure. Together, let's reach new heights!

Snapshots of our The Journey