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Hey friends! I just wanted to speak freely and honestly with you guys for a second about what I've done to ensure not only the success of my business but also maintain happiness every single day because for YEARS I was doing it all wrong!

The strategy is simple and it has worked for me no matter where life takes me. The secret to my success is that I never put anyone or anything before what I feel I have discerned is right the right move for me. I trust myself at all times because I know that knowing me..I didn't come to this conclusion out of no where. I've made mistakes that have ultimately resulted in some life changing results... but if I hadn't made that mistake I would've given something or someone outside myself the opportunity to influence me, more than myself!!

If you've taken nothing out of this blog..take this...trust yourself first. Dive deep into what your soul is moving you to do and trust that.

So many times I have made choices based on my need to people please! Can you guess the result of how torn up I was emotionally, by denying myself the opportunity to follow what my soul is literally pushing me to do?

I'm sure you can image what the feeling is like because WE HAVE ALL DONE IT, AND DO THIS! But if you want to be successful you have to let the urge to please everyone but yourself go!

Put your success in your hands. Something I've been doing for the past four years, has literally held me back in every way...financially most of all! Keep reading if you don't want to waste time continually making the same mistakes.

I was creating and expecting everyone to just love me without any sort of strategy of how I was going to show the world my Art AND I didn't truly believe it could happen to me. You have to let all that doubt go! If you can't even believe or see yourself with something as little as 100k, how are you going to manifest something you don't feel your worthy of!?

Get your mentality right or you're going to be waiting for people to help you fulfill a dead vision because you're blind to your potential!

Lastly, I want to leave you guys with this... the information is out there, go get it! Have you ever just typed into Youtube, "How do I increase my sales from 0 to 100K in a year."....if you've never tried it, do that because that's EXACTLY how I increased my daily revenue. I went found strategies that other companies I wanted to be like were implementing. I didn't know anything about Facebook apps, SEO, the correct verbiage to draw in buying customers NONE OF THAT! I was literally doing it all wrong for years hoping it would just come to me without seeking out the information that could help me. I always say that  God put so many humans here at once so that we could help eachother. Your fellow humans have put all the information out there, you just haven't MADE the time to do your research, test your ideas and most importantly be patient!

There is so much that I didn't even know  I needed to know to make money with my crafts and talents daily and consistently! It's important that now that I know this information, I should share it so other business owners that look like me can stop wasting their time trying things that won't work because they literally don't even know what info they should be looking for.

Now that I am done with my spiel, here is a list of things you need to know about if you want to run a successful online business...we're going to talk about these topics more in depth on my lives:

Defining Your Target Market:

If you think your target audience is: "Black women between the ages of 14-35" that is way too broad and you need to do your searching on honing in on the BUYING customers in your niche



Search engine optimization is something I am still learning about! ALT tags, search engine listing preview and description all help people see you on the front page of google and that's what we all wat right!?

Categorizing your customers based on their customer journey on your platform(s):

If you read that and your wondering, what is my customers journey? Why is that important? That's something you need to research!

Hot Warm Cold Customers/Potential buyers

If you don't know how to define who is your hot, warm or cold customer.. sounds like that's something you need to stay tuned for because IT IS VITAL!

How to acquire the winning mentality.

How to manifest, free myself from anxiety surrounding my finances and work smarter not harder.

These are the three topics I want you all to go learn more about this week..trust me I'm researching to get better too!! Self development and life long learning is required if you want to be the best business owner and the best you, you can be!

I'm going to talking about these topics on LIVE on @headovrhill.customs Instagram page, if you miss it.. it will be saved! Hope this helped, I'm excited to help you all as I am helping myself!


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