(2 pc) Handmade Cutlery Set - 100% Recycled Materials

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Uncle Leslie's Handmade cookware is made from 100% recycled cast aluminum (80% recycled Arizona Cans) These are made from Jamaica cast aluminum - use for cooking at your own discretion as they are made from recycled materials/cast aluminum.

They are made over an open fire pit, formed in moist Jamaica soil and hand shaved and shined in Kingston Jamaica.

Traditionally, Dutch spoons, forks and pots are used in Jamaican culture to cook over an open fire or a stove at high heat for dished like rice and peas, soup or meats in large quantities. Jamaica is a world leader in the production and mining of bauxite, gallium and aluminum so much of the cookware used is produced with this material.

Please Note:

  • These are handmade which means they are not "perfect" as they are carved by hand
  • They are often used for kitchen, fireplace/pit or counter decor
  • Please do not use for cooking if you are allergic to aluminum or gallium - or if using aluminum cooking materials does not align with you.
  • Each set comes with one spoon and one fork
  • Do not use to cook acidic foods or acidic foods at high temperatures as this can cause corrosion.
  • Not recommended for daily use as that is not the norm in Jamaican culture..best used for special occasions.

Length Vary Between - 11" - 12"

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(2 pc) Handmade Cutlery Set - 100% Recycled Materials
(2 pc) Handmade Cutlery Set - 100% Recycled Materials
(2 pc) Handmade Cutlery Set - 100% Recycled Materials