Overworked business mom alert... What I do when I need a damn minute!

Hey friends! In today's blog I'm going to be talking about what I do when I am having a long family, business, marriage, baby... just overall crazy week!! In such a huge growth period of my business, its important that I keep my consistency UP! But what do you do on days like me when you're just burnt out and cant push yourself that day!

Keep reading to find out the list of things I do to keep me making money while I need a nap or a day off.

1. I post or repost unboxing videos of my customers so when I'm not posting about my business, my supporters and customers are. Word of mouth is powerful and your customers don't always want to see just you of your merch

2. I use my emails even more on my days off..more traffic to your site = more chances of a purchase(s) So drive traffic to your site with emails.. if they're pre made even better because you can use those emails to remind your customers of the promotions you're having that month.

3. ADS! I will literally launch an Ad I've been cooking up or had in the vault on my off day so I'm continuously attracting new potential buyers and the other methods of maintaining customer relationships are going to do the work for me when someone new starts their customer journey. I run instagram ads as small as $15/a day ...test the ads you design, see which one resonates with your audience and the continue to provide the type of content you love to make and your customers love to see!

I hope this helps all the entrepreneur mamas out there to be even better in business without getting completely burnt out.

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