Glamping Getaway Details, Pricing and More

Get Ready Ladies! We're officially going,


Yes friends I am planning THE most luxurious and fun filled glamping getaway you've ever been to!

Keep reading to find out some of the activities you can expect like pedicures, paint balloon dart wall, guided dance classes, yoni steaming, outdoor movie night &..

Well, keep Reading to really see the vision!


Where will we be staying:

We will be glamping on a lake front property so we can soak in the sun water side. Imagine a carefully put together, personal tent for 2-3 glampers with

- Twin Size Beds with premium silk pillows (yours to keep in your package)

- A view of the water from your space for the weekend

What's included in your glamping package:

My team is going to provide multiple packages so every glamper can partake in activities you actually want to participate in! Each day will also have different activities so day passes will also be an option for you!

These are some of the activites we'll offer:

Meals: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner - Snacks through out the day (our glampers are totally allowed to bring snacks specific to their dietary needs)

 There will be vegan/vegetarian options!

- Black owned and created beauty and relaxation items in our glamp packs..which  is a bag full of goodies included in your package

- Activity passes for all of the activities you're interested in

What Activities can I look forward to?

It is so important for me to ENSURE FUN on our glamping getaway! We don't get to loosen up enough so all of the activities planned will be super fun and different! Another main reason for this glamping event is to RELLLAAAXXXX! It sounds easier said than done, I know but this event is going to show you what real relaxation is like!

Activities list:

  • Pre-brunch morning yoga
  • Mix it up - A competition to see who can make the best mixed drink/wine down time
  • Guided workout dance class lead and facilitated by the talented Brittany Best
  • Yoni Steaming
  • Art therapy - Paint Dart Wall
  • Movie night on the lawn - Imagine chick flics, comedies, cocktails, blankets and your new found friends
  • Barbecue Lunch
  • Guided meditation
  • Outdoor Sauna
  • Group Sunbathing
  • Pedicures
  • Outdoor Photo Shoot
  • Reflection Circle

If you're here from my preview video, then you know I am currently fundraising to host this event and I want only the best for us to enjoy ourselves. I don't want to charge any more than $150 a person for the weekend getaway, food included so I need your help! I am designating $5 from every purchase on placed on to the Glamping Fund! Go shop to Support!

Other ways to support:

Spread the word! Word of mouth is everything... I do not have a huge platform so let all your girlfriends know we're going glamping and your new home girl (me) needs help spreading the word about this event. Not only am I funding this by myself but I'm also sponsoring this glamping experience for a few women who can not afford the trip but really really need a break!

Once I have hit my goal of 15K for the event, I will launch a giveaway so you guys can enter to win FREE access to the event, food and activities included!

This is all the information I have for you all now, but look out for dates, pricing and so much more!

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